Beginning of the XX century

Talented and ambitious Attilio Biagiotti opens a leather workshop in Florence near Palazzo Pitti.
His hallmark was featherlight yet durable and comfortable leather bags.
Attilio's son, Gino, learned from his father all the secrets of artisan workmanship in the best Florentine tradition.

Middle of the XX century

After the second world war, in 1950, Gino together with his son Mario, due to the arrival in Florence of numerous tourists from all over the world, decided to re­-open the Bottega Giotti store.
Attilio's heirs relocated the workshop to the Lenzi Palace, a building constructed in the XV century, in Piazza Ognissanti. This is where the first Bottega Giotti boutique opened its doors, where the fourth generation of the Biagiotti family continue the tradition.

Beginning of the XXI century

In 2000s the business soared due to international expansion. Bottega Giotti started to ship leather creations outside Italy: to other European countries as well as the USA.
The Bottega Giotti brand carries handmade leather bags, accessories, evening bags, briefcases, wallets, belts and leather coats and jackets for men and women lined in fur, cashmere and silk.
The company is run by the owner Mario Biagiotti along with his daughter Alessandra, designer of the Bottega Giotti collection, and his son Paolo.


Today the Bottega Giotti brand, founded in 1950, has reached a new level. Due to increased demand a factory has been opened in the Marche region of Italy.
The quality and elegance of the products have always encountered great success, and, because of results obtained, Bottega Giotti has become a well known brand in the United States as well as throughout Europe and the Far East.
2014 saw opening of two new retail locations: in Taipei, Taiwan, followed by Moscow, Russia. Bottega Giotti produces only genuinely high quality leather goods made with the passion which combines tradition and experimentation. The continuous research for the highest quality materials and workmanship makes each Bottega Giotti article unique and exclusive.